Estoril Restaurants

Below is a selection of Estoril restaurants serving Portuguese cuisine. From fish to meat, snacks and sandwiches there is something for every pocket and taste. You can find menus outside the restaurants. This makes it easier for you to choose according to your budget and food preference. Several of the restaurants have outdoor seating areas.


    Very good Portuguese cuisine, fish and shellfish dishes.  There is an outdoor seating area. Rua de Lisboa, 1 A/B, Estoril. Tel:+351-21-4670754. Opposite Estoril Casino.


    Known as the English Bar for many years it is one of the good  restaurants in the area.  Tucked away in Monte Estoril with views of the sea probably a well-kept secret. It serves international cuisine with some game a speciality.  Av. Marginal, Monte Estoril.  Tel: +351-21-4681254.  Closed Sunday.

  • ESTORIL MANDARIM (Chinese Restaurant):

    Gourmet Chinese cuisine.  Av Dr Stanley Ho, in the Estoril Casino building. Closed Monday. Tel: +351-21-4667270.

  • BOUGAINVILLEA TERRACE (Palacio Estoril Hotel):

    In the Hotel Palacio Estoril, a hotel with lots of history.  Lunch or dine in this restaurant with beautiful surroundings. Open from 11am to 11pm. Tel: +351-214648000. Rua Particular, Estoril.  Details at:  Bougainvillea Terrace Restaurant 


    Walking along the promenade from Estoril beach towards São João are several restaurants and bars. Below are a few.

  • BOLINA Restaurant: 
    On the Estoril-São João beach promenade (Praia da Poça). Serves drinks and meals. Above right grilled swordfish from Madeira. September 2023.
  • SURPRESA Restaurant:

    On Estoril/São João beach (Praia da Poça) promenade.
    Serves drinks and meals.
    Left, on a hot day in
    September 2023.


    A popular stop on the Estoril Cascais Beach Promenade (Paredão) whilst walking from Cascais to Estoril. This bar and restaurant, (originally known as JONAS BAR) serves drinks and meals.  Open all year from 10am to 8pm or 9pm.
    The Sun & Drink Lounge on the Estoril Paredao – September 2023.

    Enjoy a drink, a meal or left, tea with almond tart at the Sun & Drink Lounge which overlooks the sea.