Street Art Cascais Lisboa

Giving the Urban Landscape a new visual

Everywhere you go in Cascais or Lisboa you can find some interesting murals or street art.  You may not notice them on the usual tourist route.  These hidden gems from talented artists are around for all to view. It takes creativity to another level.

The Muraliza Street Art Festival started by the Cascais Town Council in 2014 as an annual event.  The first edition of the Infinito Festival of Street Art took place in 2018. Artists from Portugal as well as from abroad participated.  You can find a large number of murals in the Cascais Bairro da Torre neighbourhood.  They give a new look to old tired walls, an open art gallery for everyone. Below is a sample.


A welcoming mural at the Cascais Marina by GONÇALO MAR.

Left, mural on the underside of the pedestrian bridge, Cascais Marina.  Right, by NARK at Rua Amalia Rodrigues in Alcabideche.







Above left,  ‘A Varina’, a mural by ADD FUEL paying hommage to the fisherwoman. These women walked the streets selling fresh fish from a basket on their heads. A tradition that has disappeared but not forgotten.  Middle mural by JIMMY C, right mural by TELMO MIEL.





Left, mural by MR KAS, middle ‘Fisherman’ by UTOPIA and right by SMILE.





Left by COLECTIVO RUA, middle by KRUELLA D’ENFER and right by ADD FUEL

BORDALO II art on Cascais Beach wall


Behind the Visconde da Luz in Cascais:





Paying hommage to our grandmothers




Apart from Cascais you can see street art in various areas of Lisboa.  There  are art creations by well-known artists including Vhils, Bordalo II and Ozearv, scattered around various boroughs.






Located in Lisbon. Left, at the entrance of the Alfama Pestana Pousada. Middle mural ‘2 pelicans’ on the corner of Santa Justa lift. Right sculpture ‘Iberian Lynx’ at the Parque das Nações.
Bordalo II uses material from trash for his art.  His work is located all around the world. Details at:


Left mural Vhils collaborating with Shepard Fairey.

Located in the Rua Senhora da Gloria in the Graça area of Lisbon.
Details at:




‘Tropical Fado in tones of RGB’

Located at Rua Natalia Correia, 19, Lisbon