Local Travel – Touring from Estoril

Local travel and tours with different types of transport.

Below are some of the other forms of touring the Estoril Coast and beyond – a different way of sightseeing.

    • HIPPOtrip:Hippotrip bus Lisboa
      The HIPPOtrip amphibious truck offers local travel sightseeing tours through Lisboa land and then sea from Doca do Bom Successo to Algés.  Trips of 90 minutes begin at 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm and 7pm.  Info on www.hippotrip.com . Tel: 211922030. Begins at Docas, Alcântara, Lisboa.
    • Lisboa’s TUK-TUK:
      Tuk tuk vehicles in LisboaA fun way of seeing Lisboa is by the colourful Tuk-Tuk, open air tricycles that take you through monuments and lookout spots.   There are many tuk-tuks parked around the Lisboa streets offering various and different tours of the city. They have a list of the main monuments and prices are set for that particular tour. A good way to see more of the city’s attractions and saving time as you hop on and off to see the sights.          www.tuk-tuk-lisboa.pt
      A different way of touring is from the skies by helicopter. Lisbon Helicopters organizes trips for two to three people travelling on different tours. The tours start from Algés, flying over Cascais, Sintra or other routes. A way to see the city from another angle.  For further information or to book please Tel: +351-213011794.  Website: www.lisbonhelicopters.com 
      A fun way of touring the Estoril Coast, Lisbon and beyond is to take a Jeep Safari with FlaminGO Experiences. The company comprises a young team and your driver and host is also a knowledgeable tour guide of the areas. Visit the monuments in Sintra, Ericeira and other areas.  For details and bookings visit  https://flamingoexperiences.com/    Tel: +351-937686602.