Estoril Portugal

Estoril beachEstoril in Portugal is about half an hour drive or by train from the capital Lisbon. Portugal is located in the western part of the Iberian Peninsula. It faces the Atlantic ocean on one side and has a border with Spain on the other.

Above and below foto Estoril beach and overlooking Cascais on a warm January 2024 day.

Estoril beach to Cascais view

Portuguese Monarchy:

Portugal’s monarchy began in 1143.  The first King was D. Afonso Henriques who conquered the land from the Moors.   From 1580 to 1640 Philip II of Spain ruled the country after which it reverted to the Portuguese monarchy.  The last monarch was King Manuel II who went into exile when in 1910 Portugal became a Republic.  From 1932 to 1968 the economist Dr António de Salazar ruled as Prime Minister.  He was succeeded by Dr Marcelo Caetano. Dr Caetano was overthrown in the 25th April 1974 revolution. From that time we have had elected Presidents and governments.

Cascais view from Estoril promenade


View of Estoril beach and Cascais from Estoril promenade. April 2023


Joining the European Union:

Portugal joined the European Union in 1986.   It adopted the Euro as its currency in 1999 with the Euro notes and coins introduced in 2002 giving up the previous currency the Escudo.

Guincho viewed through window


View of Guincho beach through window in stone wall behind Muchaxo Hotel – rustic art!


Apart from the capital Lisboa the main towns are Porto in the north. Coimbra is in the middle and the Algarve with its wide stretches of beaches in the south.  Other towns are Aveiro and Braga  in the north.  Evora and Beja lie in the south in the Alentejo area.

The majority in the country are Catholics and the saints feasts are celebrated in June (13th St Anthony) with a municipal holiday in the Lisbon Cascais areas.  Porto celebrates St John on 24th June.

The Estoril Sintra area was a favourite summer residence for the Portuguese monarchy. The royals spent their vacation in palaces in this area.

Estoril Portugal is a popular holiday destination with its beaches, golf facilities, restaurants and bars. It has an easy-going pace of life.  It lies in the borough of Cascais historically a fishing village although in recent years much is changing.   The more hectic nightlife tends to be in Lisbon with its varied entertainment from nightclubs to holding the major concerts.

Below, view through to Santa Marta Lighthouse in Cascais.Cascais lighthouse from tunnel