Cascais Restaurants

  • Brunch every Sunday at the Hotel Baia in Cascais (Tel: +351-214831033)


    On the beach promenade in Cascais. Serves very good food. Praia das Moitas. Open 9am to 7pm. Closed Monday. Tel: +351-214862237.
  • CASA VELHA:  Portuguese cuisine specialising in fish and seafood. Av. Valbom, 1 Tel: +351-214832586 Closed: Wednesday.
  • CERVEJARIA LUZMAR: Specialising in fish. Av. Marginal, 48 Tel: +351-214845704 Open daily.
  • HOTEL BAIA GRILL:  International cuisine. Av Marginal. Tel: +351-214831033.
  • TASCA DA VILA:  Portuguese cuisine. Closed Monday.  Rua Visconde da Luz, No. 7. Tel: +351-214830583.
  • SURREAL (Formerly known as À NOSSA MESA)
    Serving delicious food at reasonable prices. The management has changed as in 2022 but the cuisine is the same. Closed Sunday dinner and Monday and Tuesday all day. Rua Joao de Deus, No. 144, Carrascal de Alvide. Tel: +351-212450574.
  • TRAQUITANAS:  Portuguese cuisine. Rua de Cascais, 32/36, Alcabideche Tel: +351-214690819 Closed: Tuesday.
  • PONTO VERDE:  Portuguese cuisine. Closed Tuesday. Rua João Pires Correia, 229, Alcabideche. Tel: +351-214602123.
  • FURNAS DO GUINCHO:  On the Guincho coast overlooking the sea. Specialising in seafood, paella. Overlooks the sea and rocks. Tel: +351-214869243.
  • HOTEL FORTALEZA DO GUINCHO:  Restaurant in this 5 star hotel with gourmet cuisine. Expensive but worth the splash! Estrada do Guincho Tel: +351-214879076.
  • PANORAMA:  Speciality fish baked in a case of sea-salt. Pricey. Estrada do Guincho Tel: +351-214870062 Closed: Tuesday.
  • MAR DO INFERNO:  Overlooking the sea at Boca do Inferno.  Portuguese cuisine, good seafood.  Busy on weekends. Closed Wednesday. Tel: +351-214832216.
  • O MASTRO:  Good for their shellfish dishes and crab. Largo das Fontainhas, Lote 3B. Tel: +351-214833903 Closed Monday.
  • QUINTA DO FARTA PÃO:  Specialises in Cozido à Portuguesa (boiled meat, vegetable and rice) and roast goat (cabrito). Alcorvim de Baixo, Estrada da Malveira da Serra. Tel: +351-214870568.
  • MESTE ZÉ:  Specialising in shellfish and Portuguese cuisine. Good seafood rice (arroz de marisco). Estrada do Guincho. Tel: +351-214870275.
  • LA TERRAZA RESTAURANT-BAR – GRANDE REAL VILLA ITÁLIA HOTEL:  Excellent and well presented meals at the La Terraza restaurant of this hotel – Executive Chef is Paulo Pinto. Price range about 50€ to 60€ per person. On Saturdays and Sundays there is a brunch. Rua Frei Nicolau de Oliveira, 100, Cascais. Tel: +351-210966000.
    A fish and shellfish retaurant in the Cascais Market. Apart from the menu you can also choose fish and shellfish from lobsters, crabs, tiger prawns, etc from the counter. Mercado da Vila.  Tel: +351-21-4822130. Seating indoors as well as outdoors.
  • RUBRO CASCAIS: In the Cascais market. Serves good food. Tel: +351-210144311.
  • FOGO DO CHÃO: Buffet with grilled meat, salads, Brazilian style. Rua Carlos Ribeiro, 50 – Piso 0. Tel: +351-214820196.
    Good food above average prices. Rua Visconde da Luz, 25. Closed Tuesday. Tel: +351-21-4847410.
    Very good Portuguese cuisine. Av da Republica, in Guia, Cascais. Tel: +351-21-4843258.
    Seafood specialities. Largo Luís de Camões, 2A. Tel: +351-21-4864563.
    Famous Portuguese chef José Avillez opened his Cantinho restaurant at Rua da Palmeira, 6A in Cascais. Beautifully decorated it is open for lunch and dinner. Apart from the a la carte menu there is aso a set menu/price at lunchtime. Tel: +351-21-1389666.