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Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy 2021 Cascais (2nd Year): June 4th and 5th

On 4th and 5th June 2021 the 2nd Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy will take place in Cascais beginning at 9am at the Marina de Cascais with the firing of cannon at 11am from the Forte de Santo Antonio de Barra. As in last year’s event the race is to focus on awareness to projects on marine conservation and protecting the oceans, one of the Mirpuri Foundation’s main themes.  It has the support of the Cascais Town Council and the Clube Naval de Cascais. This weekend also coincides with the stopover of The Ocean Race Europe which includes 12 VO65 and IMOCO 60 vessels starting on 6th June at 1pm. During these pandemic times wearing masks and social distancing still apply for everyone.  Further information at 

Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy (1st): 27 and 28 June 2020 Cascais to Sesimbra

The 1st Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy will take place on 27th June 2020 starting at 10am in Cascais (Clube Naval) and sailing to Sesimbra.  Ends on 28th June 2020. Organized by the Mirpuri Foundation with the Clube Naval de Cascais and the Cascais City Council (CMC) this is a plastic-free sustainable regatta which aims at bringing awareness to marine conservation and the oceans.