Book Reviews

MARTIN G. SIROVS, an Australian geologist who worked in the international petroleum industry for more than 30 years and a long time resident in the Estoril area, has produced three interesting  and unique books on Cascais.

The first is a guide, Cascais a Guide, which explores the geography, geology, IMG_0466 M SIROVS BOOKSarchaelogy and history of the various towns that comprise this area.  The second is a walkers guide from Cascais to Sintra, Walks in the Countryside.  This is a complete guide with maps of the various walks which include the distance of each route and the time each takes.  The third is a guide on plants and flowers found in Cascais and Sintra called What plant is that? with beautifully illustrated photographs and the name of each plant and flower. All three guides have text in English and Portuguese and are small enough to fit in your bag.  Available in bookshops in Cascais.